About the personal changes you made

What personal change have you made or new habit have you adopted during the pandemic (or protests) that you want to keep going forward? What impact would it make in the long-run if many people made the same change, or adopted the same habit? #imaginable

I started meditation, adopted several new digital tools and began collaborating with new groups supporting peer to peer education and exchange.I began listening to people more intently, empathetically (for understanding the person’s point of view) and more critically (in terms of the information).

If many people start practicing meditation maybe global stress levels will reduce. If others who are less used to the digital environment start to become more literate technologically, and support each other in learning, exchanging information, as long as the information being disseminated is accurate and relevant, perhaps access to education will increase world wide and collective knowledge, awareness and wisdom will increase, leading to better decision making. If more people listen deeply, empathetically and critically, maybe this will lead to simultaneously more effective communication, higher awareness, more thoughtful behavior and an improvement in deciphering signals to navigate situations marked by high uncertainty.

How wonderful you started meditating. There’s a great app, Insight Timer, which enables you to not only set times, but also to link up with other people in a subtle way.

I started working out more, aiming for one hour daily. That was often difficult to achieve when I was still commuting. I used to train people in self-defense one time per week and I added one hour of extra training to prepare the course - much less compared to what I did when I was younger.

My cardiologist really encourages me to train daily, and in fact I knew about the benefits of moderate but daily exercise, but still I neglected it in the stress of daily work and commuting. I absolutely want to uphold this new (or renewed) habit.

Also I’m more active in various online groups, which helps to give meaning to my life. It’s another change for the better.

I tried to break old routine habits that I’ve unfortunately picked up.

  1. Being more careful with my tongue and what I say (both offline and online)

  2. Thinking a bit more, before I enunciate in plain words

  3. Wearing a face mask, use hand sanitizers oftener, not compromising others’ safety especially outdoors

  4. Be more circumspect and web-literate especially in my online browsings.

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