Autopoiesis, panarchy, resilience science

The site associated with “a matrix of relations” at was pointed out to me by @robert_best . The humility on this site is astounding, since it’s authored by Pille Bunnell.

Pille is active both in the cybernetics and systems communities, and well known by many. She’s famous for stunning visual presentations, on a large screen as she speaks, in front of an audience. There may be web videos of the presentation, but they’re not the same as being in an auditorium in person.

There’s a profile for Pille at .

I’m reminded of the ties between bodies of knowledge that people don’t think about. Pille is a strong advocate for the work of Humberto Maturana, who is credited with the idea of autopoiesis in biological systems.

What isn’t widely known by people is that the adaptive loop in panarchy, published by C.S. Holling, was drawn by Pille Bunnell. The original group was the Resilience Alliance. These ideas are at the foundation of ongoing work in resilience science.

The original drawing show up in …

Holling, Crawford S. “Understanding the complexity of economic, ecological, and social systems.” Ecosystems 4, no. 5 (2001): 390-405. Alternate search on Google Scholar.

Oh interesting! Indeed that isn’t widely known. Thanks for sharing.