Choosing a CMS or other system for a basic website for the OLC

Might you have tips or opinions on what to use?

Let me speak from experience on developing my personal web sites, working from the most recent to the oldest. These have mostly been done on cPanel-based providers, where β€œone-button” installation and upgrades through Softaculous reduces tedious installation procedures.

(1) Grav, for mostly static web sites, e.g. and .

(2) Hexo static web site generator on Gitlab (e.g. )

  • ↑ Completely open source technologies on Gitlab Pages, free hosting for beginners, potential to migrate to other Gitlab providers (unlike Github).
  • ↑ Static site can be generated from node.js, that is relatively easily installed on Linux, MacOS and Windows computers.
  • ↓ Any dynamic features (e.g. photo resizing, comments, contact pages) require complementary services from other providers.
  • ↓ Git isn’t easy for beginners to master, although some editing could be done via the Gitlab web interface.

(3) Ghost publishing platform (I had version 1.1 installed on cPanel, but by version 2.0, it was no longer a one-button install).

  • ↑ Based on node.js rather than PHP, a new completely implementation, possibly attracts fewer hackers.
  • ↑ Native apps include Android, making simple photoblogging practical.
  • ↓ Self-hosted community is less active, many prefer to pay for the hosted version.

(4) Drupal content management system, e.g.

  • ↑ Bulletproof CMS, seems practically inpenetrable to hackers.
  • ↑ Upside to enterprise-scale, in use by many large organizations.
  • ↑ Active open sharing community for plugins and themes.
  • ↓ Upgrades from Drupal 5 β†’ 6 β†’ 7 β†’ 8 have involved significant work, the migration to Drupal 9 in 2020 is promised to be easier.

(5) Wordpress (e.g. , back past 2006).

Prior to 2006, I had used Pivot, a flat-file CMS, but the blogging community soon moved over to Wordpress. I occasionally use Dokuwiki for quick collaborations, and the product has been reliable with incremental updates.

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