Collapse, Supply Side Sustainability, Panarchy

Since @Robert_Best requested more information on panarchy, I’ll provide some online links here where he can follow through.

In 2016, at Aalto University, I created artifacts for the students. If you look to and select beside “Map 05: Ecosystems, collapse, resilience”, you’ll see the background material that I provided to students as a starting point.

In that class, students led the presentations, so you’ll see their artifacts in the list at . (There’s a link to the Google Slides presentation, a PDF, and Powerpoint derivatives. That facility in the Urban Mill at Aalto U. as 3 large screens that wrap around for a more immersive experience).

The normally assigned article, Holling, C. S. 2001. Understanding the Complexity of Economic, Ecological, and Social Systems. Ecosystems 4, no. 5: 390-405. doi:10.1007/s10021-001-0101-5. can also be found as

Cool! I had thought you said you recently discovered OPM @daviding but I see you note that you are attempting to follow the conventions with this course’s maps.

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