Employee Ownership Economy (Social Capital Partners)

In Canada, this shift by Social Capital Partners, where they espouse …

Our approach to driving large-scale change combines action-based learning, entrepreneurial experience, and collaboration. We test a number of different solutions to see what works and what doesn’t, and engage with partners who have the capacity to scale the most promising ideas. Instead of seeking to own a solution, we develop value propositions that large organizations want to invest in to bring about transformative change.

… at https://www.socialcapitalpartners.ca/our-approach … is significant.

They recently had an article on:

The result is a completely separate website, and report that says:

Canada needs more employee ownership
Employee ownership is proven to build a more inclusive and resilient economy. Right now, Canada is missing the policies that make it viable.

… at https://www.employee-ownership.ca/ .

The report emphasizes …

The most common form of employee
ownership elsewhere — employee ownership trusts 7 — is missing in Canada.

7 For the purposes of this report “employee ownership trusts” are used to refer to any form of employee ownership that uses a trust structure. US Employee Ownership Trusts and Perpetual Trusts are other examples of trusts used for employee ownership.

So while they recognize …

  • Worker co-operatives
  • Employee stock option plans
  • Employee share purchase plans

… their emphasis is on policy changes towards …

  • Employee ownership trusts

… because they’re missing in Canada.

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