How can maps/canvases help orient hybrid participatory processes? (Digital and in-person)

Hello all! I invite you to join the gather-town space we’ve been hosting each Friday for the past couple months. The purpose of the space is to enable many things: co-working-out-loud, connecting with friends of friends, sharing about our practices/projects, or any sort of event that we wish.

Today, starting at 3pm ET we will be exploring an inquiry of @Mainograz’s focusing on how to facilitate hybrid participatory processes (those that span both digital and in-person), specifically how we might create maps/canvas(s) that help orient our processes. He has some recent work on a new canvas and a manifesto, that he recently translated to English, that he will walk us through and seeks our input on.

Here’s the link again. Would be great to see you there! :slight_smile:

Is this still happening? I might drop by - I didn’t fully grasp what a gather town was when you posted it originally, and only came to interest in it over the holidays this year.

Yes its still happening each friday. There isn’t really a “start time” since the space is basically there 24/7… but most have been converging on the space around 3pm ET and beyond.

Here is the newer link since we actually changes spaces, I will update the original post too:

@Mainograz pls share any recent canvas activities, i would be keen to see! cheers, cb