Improving our categories here

Continuing the discussion from About the Meta category:

The above is @daviding’s take on what the Meta category was created here for. My original intention was for #meta for discussion about Open Learning Commons itself. Not to have a very general discussion about metadiscussion, or for this category to serve as a tentative space.

We also have #uncategorized , which is currently the default category on any new thread before someone assigns a more specific one. I think this should be the category we use to let Moderators decide where to put thing when the original author couldn’t/didn’t make a choice. This would also be a good time to create new categories if it seems one is wanting to emerge.

So I propose we change the description of #meta, and rename the category to Open Learning Commons (Meta) , as just #meta alone is clearly confusing/non-obvious.

There are currently no threads in #meta anymore… so unless someone wants to pull for us to keep it… I will just delete it soon to simplify things.

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