Indexing and web search

On May 6, @Robert_Best and I did some webmastering, installing sitemap plugins on (Grav) and (Discourse). The last step was to add those properties to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Robert finally found a way to submit the sites the … although my understanding is that the Internet Archive tends to run months behind in indexing sites. This should happen over time.

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Yesterday morning, I was doing a Google search – on “panarchy yin yang” – and a post on showed up.

Many people worry about how information is organized on their web sites … but they don’t take into account all of the traffic that comes via search engines, rather than navigating down from the home page to a particular place.

This theme of search versus pre-categorization is described by David Weinberger (2007), Everything is Miscellaneous . The site at seem mostly incomplete, there’s more active blogging at .

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