Innovation Delusion (Russell and Vinsel) review

Researchers who cofounded The Maintainers group have published a book. Here’s a review:

In our relentless pursuit of newer, better things, we risk losing sight of what we already have – and of the importance of caring for it. The antidote to this “innovation delusion”, Vinsel and Russell argue, is to adopt a “maintenance mindset”: a way of looking at the world that focuses on what is good and worth preserving, rather than on what needs to change.

Seen from this perspective, it becomes clear that maintenance is a prerequisite for success (as it ensures that businesses, cities, and households will stand the test of time); that maintenance must be planned and cultivated; and that maintenance requires constant care and attention. When we look at the world with a maintenance mindset, innovation may become a means to an end but will never be a goal in and of itself. Keeping maintenance in mind also helps us to remember that every innovation, every new machine or metro line, will eventually need to be serviced or repaired.

“What’s not sexy but saves lives, resources and the Earth?”, Lynn Berger, The Correspondent at

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