Introduce yourself!

Use this thread to tell us more about yourself :grinning:

My name is Gary Coulter. I have been involved with math, computer science and academia most of my career. I’ve been on the internet since 1983 when I was introduced to usenet while working as an assembly language programmer at Radio Shack/Tandy. I retired from education in 2012. I have been actively following RChain since shortly after the DAO hack. I’ve been with Diglife for over a year.

My immediate interests are developing dapps on RChain and promoting collective intelligence. I am a decentralization maximalist.

HI. I’m KellyO. In Toronto working with the Systems Changes team.


I’m Nishat Korada and I grew up on 4 “continents” having to read and write in 7 different languages. I’m an eternal student, a bookworm, nerdy, love to be a learner and expose myself to “out of my comfort zone” ideas and discussions.

I’m based in Toronto and have worked in cybersecurity, CMMI, data analytics and business analysis. I look forward to discussing and exploring new ideas/activities/inquiries in here.

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