Long Term Thinking, and Maintenance

Stewart Brand, in the January 2020 Seminar on Long Term Thinking, announced that he was stepping back from the meetings to research a new book.

[00m25] I am working on a book. The book is called Maintenance. I think of it kind of as a Long Now project. Long term thinking is in the thick of maintenance. It has to do with managing continuity.

It’s kind of an ambitious book. The subtitle is … “of Everything”. Which means that I’m researching a whole bunch of areas that I, until now, knew little about, other than for interest. And it’s pretty intense. So … And I’m having such a good time.

“Podcast: Long-term Thinking in a Distracted World” at https://blog.longnow.org/02020/01/29/podcast-long-term-thinking-in-a-distracted-world-bina-venkataraman/

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