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mikewittenstein wrote:

Well, no links available to 10 years in the future :wink:

Personally, what I foresee as an education systems benefit from the pandemic is a permanent, new capability to match students’ preferred learning styles and interests with a more dynamic assortment of learning modules and experiences. Think hybrid (in-person, on-line, in-the-field options) with many more groups and instructors/influencers than we have now.

Compared to education ten years hence, some of today’s instructional models and courses may feel boring, out-of-date, and/or ineffective. (Please note this is not a critique of today’s practitioners; rather at attempt to show the distance we will have travelled collectively in ten years’ time. Also, ‘dramatic’ description compensates for not being able to produce the requested link :wink:

Yes, this can get quite complicated in terms of mapping preferences from different perspectives and with different curriculums and support options. I would be interested to collaborate with others interested in this to develop interrelated systems that connect people’s preferences regarding style to include technical and analog exercises and interrelated programs in methodologies and subject. Education systems could specialize and collaborate like individuals in teams supporting and helping each other improve. The possibility to augment human capacity with technology especially if approached with a multifaceted and ethical perspective as a basis might be a catalyst for an exponential “upward spiral” for humanity.

I have no magic glass ball available, but if we are imagining futures, then maybe our positive imagination and willingness to take steps toward this vision can make the unthinkable “preposterous” concepts a reality in time if enough people work together. Maybe a world where children can decide what they learn and how fast and where collaboration and not fear-based competitions but fun competition based on collegiality, hope and inspiration continue to motivate the majority past young years, this can manifest as a world characterized by a unified whole made up of distinct collaborating parts. Maybe all that is needed is a fundamental change in education and what is rewarded in early, formative years. Maybe if humanity (we) are ready we can work together to redesign education and in doing so work together to help each other advance our goals in support of one another and those being educated this initiative will serve as an example. Maybe this can change values and rewards within “the system” and maybe this methodological propaganda can give way to methodologies for open innovation and empowering an empathetic co-creation. Maybe this alternative system may “go viral” and in one generation the world may resemble “naive” preposterously unimaginable dreams?

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Lua, seriously, are you suggesting that children should be empowered to become happy learners and co-creators? That education, work and the economy should be in the service of human beings rather than the other way round? How very preposterous! :slight_smile:

Indeed! I know I am “crazy”. I think the whole world should turn upside down. :wink:

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