Most common features of panarchy in the literature | Rocha, Luvuno, Rieb 2022

In articles published about panarchy, the adaptive cycle is well-represented, but traps are under-represented.

the most common feature of panarchy in the literature was
the adaptive cycle (81%, 34 out of N = 42) followed by
cross-scale interactions (Fig. 5).
Poverty and rigidity traps were less studied features in our sample (14% and 19%, respectively), even when accounting for slightly different terminology such as “lock-in.”


Rocha, Juan, Linda Luvuno, Jesse Rieb, Erin Crockett, Katja Malmborg, Michael Schoon, and Garry Peterson. 2022. “Panarchy: Ripples of a Boundary Concept.” Ecology and Society 27 (3).