Not-for-profit educational org whose members teach eachother digital skills

Hello. I’m David.

I’ve been working on an idea for a not-for-profit educational org whose members learn digital skills in the context of their interests and passions. The idea is that while digital skills are core competencies the org is meant to promote, those skills can be learned in relation with whatever is most interesting or important to us in the moment.

I found this place while looking for others with similar\compatible interests.

I’ll chat more later, but been meaning to say hi for a few weeks now, so… here we are!

I wrote this post out with some background on how I came to this, and more ideas of what that organization could look like, including that I intend for members to actually get paid to learn.

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Hey David - cool project.

You may enjoy, where I am a mentor. You could submit this project as a ‘challenge’ and get some assistance on identifying your ideal users, UX, etc. They get farthest on the challenges if you have a clear idea of the problem, and basic research complete. Otherwise, the default is user research, usually. No cost if you’re a NFP, in any case.

You can tell them I sent you!

Best of luck

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