Pressbooks Public Self-Publishing Platform on Toronto Public Library

For aspiring authors who procrastinate (at least in Toronto), a barrier to putting together a book has been removed.

The Toronto Public Library now offers the Pressbooks Public Self-Publishing Platform at .

When I was writing my dissertation, I noticed the associated open source project backed by the team in Montreal. .

The content can be prepared both for print (page-oriented hardcopy) and ebook (browser-oriented softcopy)

The timid need not be apprehensive of releasing before the publication is ready. Built on WordPress Multisite, content can remain private until the author (as publisher) deems it ready.

While I went with a much more technical path for my writing, I was impressed by Pressbooks capability to support multiple styles, so that presentations would be appropriate to the work.

The Toronto Public Library continues to impress me with it’s progressiveness!

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