Question about federated wiki

I’m curious about this federated wiki. I spent enough time browsing around to understand it’s basic structure. A web of wikis, whose content can seemingly be updated much in the same way that github forks\pull requests work.

What I’m missing is this… when you go to a given wiki homepage, it just tells you “this is a wiki” the only way I can determine to get out of all the ‘meta’ wiki topics is look at “recent changes”, otherwise, it seems I need to already know where to find the content.

I see no index or any clear way to determine what subject matters are covered on a given wiki within the federation.

I intend to get into some wiki action for but I really don’t know if federated wiki is a fit for me. I’ve tried tiddly wiki as a user, and appreciate that it’s content just text files that can live in a github repository. I don’t know all the setup that went into it, but my experience navigating involved some category menus, and I think search by category.

I’m not sold on tiddlywiki, by any means… I even wonder if “blog” posts that come along with an rss feed are better, even, than the wiki format. especially for SEO, and being able to follow by rss. I suppose those type of features are available for wiki’s as well.

that’s all for now, thanks in advance

If it helps … the Open Learning Commons community is currently using Federated Wiki, Dokuwiki and TiddlyMap / TiddlyWiki … and I notice that the Digital Life Collective is using wiki.js .

Each technology has its own features, and constraints. There’s no silver bullet here.

In Internet technologies, on platforms that I have used for over 10 years, I simultaneously have run Wordpress, Drupal and Dokuwiki for different parts of my work.

  • Wordpress is great for blogging.
  • Drupal has the “book” collection of pages, that makes navigation more linear.
  • Dokuwiki has been a collaborative space where we’ve kept track of ideas over a longer period of time.

The important part to me has been that I want platforms with longevity. I really should be focused on content more than changing the medium on which it’s placed … and have had the ugly task of migration more times than I would like.

So, I see the advantage of Internet technologies as not using a single technology, but multiple platforms that interoperate with each other.

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