Research not only in science, but in art (Tim Ingold)

When the word research is used, most of us will think science. In this easy-listening talk, Tim Ingold gives us a different perspective on how art can also be research by engaging with the world.

Some key Ingold ideas include:

  • re-search
  • correspondence
  • knowing from the inside

“Art - Research - Knowlege” | CET Centro de Estudos de Teatro | February 2021 at

I notice that there’s a published work that touches many of the same themes … but the talk given at CET is better.

“Anthropology Between Art and Science: An Essay on the Meaning of Research” | Tim Ingold | Field | 2018 at

  • I also “research is a process of itineration that continuously opens up new horizons”
  • what ^ drives this process is “curiosity” and the linguistic root of “to care”

Also somewhat related, I’ve been following SRG Bennett and his assembly of art-based research (policy arena).

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