Systems Sciences Connections Conversations (circa 2007-2008)

In 2007 – I started with the ISSS in 1998, and became president of the organization in 2011-2012 – my journey involved some informal gatherings with colleagues who were interesting in collaborative learning, coming from a historical perspective.

These small meetings are notated on the ISSS, and have been saved on the Internet Archive. (Technologies and people evolve, so we’re fortunate have have online records of what we were thinking at that time).

A good stake in the ground, coming from @davidlhawk , is the 1969/1981 Systems Thinking: Selected Readings paperback edited by Fred. E. Emery. These paperbacks have been out of print for many decades, so it may be easier to track down the journal articles excerpted, rather than paying an inflated priced on the used book market. I have recently resurfaced some annotations on the book chapters.

There were also some more detailed wiki pages on the Systems Sciences Connections Conversations that are somewhat incomplete. Somewhere, I have digital recordings of the conversations that I said that I would release when enough of us have passed away. We haven’t quite reached that point, yet … although I do note a few names of individuals who aren’t with us, anymore.

For the Systems Changes Learning Circle, I’ve recently been talking about a “school of thought” coming from the Systems Sciences in the years 1998 through 2012. These conversations in 2007-2008 reflect where I was, after about 10 years of immersion in the systems community.

As additional points of reference, I started in the Ph.D. program at Helsinki U. of Technology in 2003. Between 2006-2008, I was involved in the Rendez research project on business innovation implementation. It would be fall 2010 when I launched the first of two courses on Systems Thinking for the master’s program in Creative Sustainability at Aalto U.

I am knocked out by your efforts David. I wish you had reached out to me back then and grabbed me by the scruff of the neck to come back to ISSS to help/support your efforts. … You know my perspective from our several conversations … now I have more reading to do.

Sadly, I talked with a scientist recently who is otherwise well known in the ‘systems community’ for the past 30 years {I won’t mention the person’s name} … Their comment about the current status of ISSS in the millieu they extensively know about: … “ISSS is irrelevant.” [Ouch!] (for a variety of reasons).

The organization is almost moribund, but I’m hoping that it can be treated as hibernating/dormant and can be revived to thrive again in the future. If botanists can get 3000 year old egyptian seeds from pharonic tombs to revive and sprout again … why not a hibernating human Idea? :-))) [Jamie Rose]

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