Type 4 errors (Mitroff) and Satire fighting bullshit

The systems movement is dealing with Type 4 errors.

We need to get better with fighting BS with satire.

From the Oxford English dictionary …

bullshit, n.

coarse slang .

1. Rubbish, nonsense;
2. = [bull]


bullshit v. transitive and intransitive , to talk nonsense (to); = bull v.3; also, to bluff one’s way through (something) by talking nonsense.

I guess I first came across someone using the term bullshit in a serious way with David Hawk. I was drawn back to this again recently after @daviding posted some of our forum links in the FedWiki matrix channel about fact-checking ( This one Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers CC-BY 2019 Mike Caulfield)

It just came up again now after watching the first few minutes of this conversation:

Where Vervaeke mentions Harry G. Frankfurt’s essay On Bullshit, which appears to be available online here:

On a whole other tangent @daviding , I am beginning to see better your intentions for how to use this forum… and also how I can play a role through asking questions to draw out answers, distinctions, etc… I can also see how a fedwiki could be used as a learning/research augmentation tool too.

To close the loop, I created a fedwiki page for Bullshit

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