Visual Network Analysis

While people like looking at network maps, do they have an appreciation for the meaning, based on the underlying mathematics?

The current state of interpreting network maps is basically an accepted but criticized practice. Some do it well, some do it wrong, but no one can actually provide a precise reason why it works (or seems to).

This refers back to a 2005 paper Divided They Blog , a paper by Lada Adamic and Nathalie Glance (search on Google Scholar):

The paper was published in 2005 and has been hugely cited (2551 times in 2019 according to Google Scholar). I have two stories about this image, a tale and a horror story, which together form a bigger story.

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You should link to this at

hey @antlerboy, I think that link only works if you are already a member of the requisite Discord server. If not, it leads to nowhere… Maybe share an invite link to the server too?

Thanks! You can’t join direct, but here’s the link to apply:
(I encourage it - even to spectate as a good online community is scaffolded through Discord and Roam Research, quite comparable to your good work as well I think?)

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