What is the question that I should be asking?

While science can be described as a pursuit of better answers, philosophy has been described as a pursuit of better questions.

Source: Pros and Cons, August 30, 2020 at https://www.comicskingdom.com/shared_comics/20f34bf1-556d-4053-b729-59c74acb3bef

I hate to do this, but the comic strip artist asked the right question…

Interestingly … I have an answer in mind, but let me rephrase the context more expansively and appropriately… in a freshly conceived~worded question: :

If you were an omnipotent omniscient Being, and were going to “design a universe” … what would you answer if you asked yourself … What are the primal~universal~essential QUALITIES of “existence” … on which to architect and foundation such a UNIVERSE?

Jamie Rose Sep 6. 2020

I’d question if such a Universe can even exist.

I took the question to another list-group, one focused on modeling General Systems. The dominant personalities there are humanist-based (with a rationale that emphasizes cybernetics “control” in systems behaviors). That is, most of the contributors put forth rationales for behaviors that include “purpose”, “meaning” … events that have pre-biased pre-included “design”.

That troubles me and I challenge that worldview. It smacks of mysticism rather than scientific rationale. I am all for feeling more comfortable if the universe had a reason-for-being … one which hopefully included human sentience and awareness and emotions and spirit.

But I conclude that either it is not necessary … or that “whatever brought the universe into existence” … is more subtle and competent … IF ‘pre-design’ were involved/necessary.

I am of the deduction that dimensions~space~time~energy~mass have the capacity to produce complicated sentience and ‘values~purpose~rationale~meaning’ … because of the relations architecture of “dimensions~space~time~energy~mass” … where ‘values~purpose~rationale~values’ are not obvious, but are in the forms and structures and phenomena as ‘potential’.

That is a strange proposition, but to me, the only one that works and fits all the diversity of things and relations … human relevant … and irrelevant to human … existence.

Existence wold have to be so expansively competent for the co-existence of Pure Order and Pure Disorder to co-exist in a larger domain that embraces -both- qualities … which human analysis otherwise deduces … each one -precludes- the “presence” of the other. (!) :wink:

Jamie Rose Sep 7, 2020

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