What/who is/are MetaCAugs?

MetaCAugs is a peer learning group within a broader peer-to-peer educational ecosystem supported by Open Learning Commons.

We meet weekly on Tuesdays @ 3PM ET at this zoom link. You can subscribe to this recurring event from your local time zone using the Open Learning Commons calendar if you like. We also have a community space on Matrix/Riot, if you’d prefer to chat there. All the rooms in that community space also appear within the Open Learning Commons community space on Riot too.

We have a dedicated curation channel on Telegram at t.me/CoCuration and also on Matrix/Riot.
These channels are subscribed to the feeds produced by:

Recordings/Documentation of our prior meetings exist in a few different spaces online:

What could be lacking for now is a classical wiki space… Hack.md is a collaborative document tool but stuff such as wikimedia make it easier to structure a project where several or many pages need to be combined.

Also, it seems Howard Rheingold is still working on the social media classroom. Maybe we could join them? The social media classroom could be interesting for specific projects, such as courses.

For me, playing in a similar space as the Social Media Classroom is Open Learning Commons (which includes things like self-hosted tools/software, intending to be a virtual https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_commons)…

where MetaCAugs would explore those learning ecosystems/environments, and provide feedback etc, rather than trying to be the developer/host of a thing that can nurture a learning ecosystem to life. (As MetaCAugs is something smaller, and closer to a community of practice, or book reading club, etc)

Maybe you we’re also referring to this thread?
a platform for peeragogy

Yes, work on Social media classroom progresses.

For wiki, I’ve been working again with Mediawiki and Semantic mediawiki.

There is an extension developing called https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:VisualEditor that gives you all the features of mediawiki plus real time collaborative editing.

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